Welcome to the GAIA Healing Method. As a spiritual coach, psychic, and Reiki Master, I am dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for those seeking growth in all aspects of their lives. No matter what part of your life you want to focus on, I am here to be your long-term companion on your journey. Unlike the traditional approach of "getting over" things, I believe in the power of embracing who we are and accepting our true nature. It is not necessary to rip yourself apart to heal and grow. It doesn't need to be torturous, and you do not need to do it alone. Together, we will create a container for your goals to be reached and for you to be able to live in the alignment that you are seeking.

Connect with and Discover Your True Potential

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At GAIA, my mission is to provide unwavering support for individuals on their life journeys. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of exploitation in the spirituality and healing industry. I am dedicated not only to educating and protecting clients, but also to providing space in sessions where clients can see real, tangible results quickly in their lives. Balancing so many areas of our lives can become overwhelming, and practicing good spiritual hygiene is the foundational step to maintaining this balance and seeing what we want blossom. In addition to this,  spirituality can often bypass the profound impact of traumas, offering simplistic explanations like "everything happens for a reason" or "these are just lessons to be learned for personal evolution." At GAIA, I reject this narrative. I believe in acknowledging and honoring any experience you've been through. I am here to make you feel heard, seen, and supported no matter your situation. 

Passionate About Healing and Results

I offer a unique approach that sets me apart from others in the industry. With over four years of experience in providing psychic readings, energy healing, and integration sessions, I have decided to open my own practice to assist individuals more deeply on their journeys. I have seen where the industry is lacking as both a client and a practitioner, and fine tuned my method from these understandings. I have served thousands of satisfied clients over the years and truly have a passion for connecting with others and helping them attain their goals. Not only am I experienced, but I am also a Reiki Master, and have done substantial spiritual work and training to ensure the highest quality of energy and service. I have learned from working with clients of many backgrounds that addressing the root of issues gently allows me to give any energies that need resolution space to breathe, process, and heal. By healing the root, we can heal the areas of your life that have been affected. In this process, I also provide individuals with the tools and guidance to work with their own energy. 

My Unique Approach to Connecting with the Soul 

Ancient Techniques Through A Modern Lens

Guidance Session

I offer a unique psychic guidance session that combines intuitive reading with deep insights and personalized guidance. Whether you're in LA or anywhere in the world, you can experience the transformative power of this session online. I highly recommend online bookings for your convenience and flexibility. Embrace the opportunity to connect with your inner self and receive profound guidance from the comfort of your own space. Book your online guidance session today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

One Hour Sessions for $300

+$50 to use live video aura reader

Alignment Session

The alignment session is a transformative Reiki healing experience available both locally in LA and remotely via Zoom/FaceTime. Whether you prefer the convenience of attending the session from your own space or the immersive energy of being physically present, an alignment session offers a profound opportunity for healing and realignment. During the session, I will guide you through a powerful healing process. Through the gentle yet potent touch of Reiki energy, blockages and imbalances within your body, mind, and spirit will be released and harmonized, allowing for a deep sense of inner alignment and healing. Whether you are seeking emotional healing, physical rejuvenation, or spiritual growth, the alignment session offers a holistic approach to wellness. I will tailor the session to your unique needs and intentions, ensuring that you receive personalized care and support.

One Hour and 15 minute Session for $375

Interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner? I offer Reiki Attunements as well. The cost for Reiki I is $250, Reiki II is $400, and the Master Level is $550.

Integration Session

For individuals seeking guidance in integrating the profound insights and transformative experiences gained from their plant medicine journeys, I am pleased to offer both online and in-person sessions. Whether you prefer the convenience and flexibility of online bookings or the personal connection and energy of face-to-face interactions, I am here to support you on your integration journey. By booking a session with me, you will receive personalized guidance and tools to help you navigate the integration process with clarity, compassion, and self-empowerment. Together, we will create a safe and nurturing space where you can explore and honor the lessons and wisdom gained from your plant medicine experiences. During our sessions, we will delve deep into your unique journey, addressing any challenges or questions that may arise along the way. I will provide guidance on how to integrate these profound insights into your daily life, allowing you to embody the lessons and transformations you have experienced. Whether you are new to plant medicine or have already embarked on multiple journeys, my approach is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. I believe in the power of integration as a vital part of the healing process, and I am committed to supporting you every step of the way.

One Hour Session for $250




The Awareness package offers a safe container to release patterns that are no longer serving you and introduces new energetic patterns. Thanks to the prolonged, consistent time working together, these changes have more space to be long-term. This option is ideal for those seeking a more intensive program.

Each Awareness package begins with a consultation to discuss what the client would like to work on and decide which package is the right fit for them. After the package is deemed the right fit for the client, I will perform a deep energetic analysis. Deep Energetic Analysis Sessions are only offered to those who participate in Awareness Packages. I will perform this energy analysis solo and schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss and explore findings, then we can begin our work together. I will also recommend personalized holistic and spiritual practices for the client throughout the process.

Guidance and Integration Sessions are interchangeable as desired in packages. A Guidance or Integration Session acts as an X-ray to find relevant energies and intentions to be transmuted or strengthened to further the client's intention. An Alignment Session works to heal and process these energies and intentions. Combining these sessions weekly allows us to work consistently and get to deeper layers.

Awareness Package

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The Awareness package is ideal for:
  • Transitioning into a new chapter or phase in life
  • Clearing and enhancing intuition
  • Clearing of entity attachments
  • Removing stubborn blockages
  • Ancestral healing
  • Providing an “aftercare cocoon” to integrate plant medicine work
  • Creating a motivating, supportive environment to press reset in
  • Enhancing manifestation work
  • Integrating grief and loss

Pricing Tiers:
- Rebalance: 4-week package (8 Sessions): $2,900
    - Includes 2 weekly sessions (1 Guidance or Integration Session + 1 Alignment session)
- Revive: 10-week package (20 Sessions): $6,500
    - Includes 2 weekly sessions (1 Guidance or Integration Session + 1 Alignment session)
- Rebirth: 16-week package (32 Sessions): $10,100
    - Includes 2 weekly sessions (1 Guidance or Integration Session + 1 Alignment session)

I have also found that candles and crystals are powerful allies through these processes. For this reason, candles and crystals are available for purchase throughout programs as add-ons. I do not offer candle work rituals nor do I perform crystal healing rituals. If you are interested in these, I offer spiritual education courses to do these practices on your own.

Who The Awareness Package Is For

New clients must complete and return any received intake forms at least 24 hours before their scheduled session.

- Cancellation policy – All sessions must be paid for in advance. With a 24-hour notice, sessions can be rescheduled. However, appointments not cancelled within this 24-hour period will not be eligible for refunds or rescheduling.

For residents of Los Angeles: You have the option to visit my healing studio located in Venice, right by Rose Ave and Abbott Kinney. If you prefer an in-person session, please select the Venice studio or provide your address as a location through the booking system. The address and instructions will be provided after your booking is confirmed. I also offer an outcall service for $125. This includes a psychic reading, reiki healing session, or an integration session that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. For reiki sessions, I will bring a reiki treatment table with me.

Sliding scale options available at limited capacity. Please email for more information

The Process

I am here to be your trusted partner through your healing journey.As much as we all want to work through things on our own, I understand that things can get overwhelming, and I am here to provide unwavering support and guidance. With over 4 years of experience in providing psychic readings, energy healing, and integration sessions, I am dedicated to providing sessions where you can see real results. I believe in holding space for your experiences, allowing you to integrate them into your life with compassion and understanding. 

I also offer awareness packages, providing extended support and multiple sessions. These packages include a mix of guidance, integration, and alignment sessions, tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

By choosing GAIA, you are choosing a path that will guide you into deeper healing, love, and awareness for yourself. I stand firm in my commitment to provide an unmatched container and results for my clients.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey? Start your journey today and let's find what you are looking for. Connect with your inner self and experience the profound positive impact it will have on your life of embracing your life experiences. Together, we can create a space where you are heard, seen, and supported. 

Grounding Ourselves In Functional Healing

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